Motels of “Azpetrol”  

You can have a rest at the motels of “Azpetrol” located in Gusar, Shaki, Balaken, Gazakh, and Beylagan regions, Mingachevir and Ganja cities of Azerbaijan. 

Travelling to these beautiful places of our country you can benefit from the high service of the motels of “Azpetrol”. There are all kind of conditions for a pleasant and rest at our motels.

The Luxe, half-luxe and standard rooms are available at the motels. The rooms have been provided with the necessary equipment, free breakfast and free WI-FI are included.

Along with other payment methods can you can make payments via Azpetrol cards.

The professional and smiling personnel are waiting for you. Our motels are affordable for their pace and high quality service. Don’t miss your opportunity to rest   either with family or friends-acquaintances in such charming, fascinating places with beautiful nature of our country!

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1. Gusar "Azpetrol" Motel
2. Balakan "Azpetrol" Motel

Address: Gusar region, Samur settlement, the left side of the Azerbaijan-Russia highway, close to Samur Border Customs Checkpoint.


Address: Balakan region, Balakan city, the right side of the Yevlakh-Zagatala-Georgia highway, at the intersection of Gachag Nabi Street. 

Tel.: (+994 23) 389 03 24


Tel.: (+994 24) 295 53 13

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3. Shaki "Azpetrol" Motel
4. Mingachevir "Azpetrol" Motel

Address: Shaki region, Yevlakh-Shaki road, close to Shaki railway station, “Dord yol” territory.            


Address: Mingachevir city, Khaldan-Mingachevir road, Heydar Aliyev Avenue, close to the Buss Station.

Tel.: (+994 24) 243 82 25


Tel.: (+994 24) 275 00 80

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5. Ganja "Azpetrol" Motel
 6. Gazakh "Azpetrol" Motel

Address: Ganja city, Kapaz district, 1 Taghi Arani Street, at the intersection of Shah Ismayil Khatai Avenue.     


Address: Gazakh region, the right side of the Baku-Alat-Gazakh-Georgia highway, in front of Gazakh Olympic Sport Complex.

Tel.: (+994 22) 257 00 92


Tel.: (+994 22) 295 52 06

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7. Beylagan "Azpetrol" Motel

Address: Beylagan city, the left side of the Beylagan-Dashburun highway.


Tel.: (+994 21) 225 27 51

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Azpetrol Motelləri
Azpetrol Motelləri
Azpetrol Motelləri
Azpetrol Motelləri